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Ready to step into your next level of impact and income to turn your vision for impact into a profitable and sustainable business?

To feel confident in attracting your dream clients.

To feel empowered in your business knowing how to create an impact AND income in a way that serves you.

Because you know you are here for MORE.


✨ You have a pull on your heart guiding you towards something bigger. A vision that sets your soul on fire. A vision that lights you up. A desire to build your business so that you are attracting and serving the clients you know you are here to serve.


✨ Becoming a Mother has given you a greater reason to create a life of alignment. You've done the 9-5 (with excessive overtime) but now you are here to build your business into something incredible BUT you know you are here to do it in a way that works for you AND your family.


✨ Instead of playing small, you know it's time to fully own your purpose and create the impact and income you deeply desire.


But right now that feels a little far from possible...


​You hold the vision for what your business can become but the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be feels like a big leap.

  • You have the business basics in place, you are taking all the action yet you don't know if you are actually moving your business forward

  • You are posting on social media but feel like you are just HOPING that a client will drop in with no clear confidence that they are coming

  • You feel like you are on a roller coaster, feeling like things are moving forwards only to feel like you are back at the start again

  • You have been doing the business journey on your own but now know you are ready for the support to solidify the foundations in your business and gain the momentum you desire

Because more than anything, you know what you are here to do but you just don’t know how to turn it into a profitable business and actually start attracting your dream clients consistently.


You KNOW that there’s a greater path for you - a path where you CAN build the business of your dreams, create the impact you know you can create AND make income in a way that feels truly aligned. 


The challenge is...


Where do you even start to make it happen?


Let me introduce you to...


The Mothermind ✨


The three month business academy, commencing 6th June 2022, for the Mother ready to monetise her gifts and build her business to make IMPACT and INCOME in a way that serves her and her family.

The Mothermind is for you if:

  • You feel called to create an impact and you are ready to do so in a way that creates the income you desire

  • You are ready to truly create a life that supports you AND your family and you know your work is a big part of making that happen

  • You have been through your own journey and know you are here to contribute in a greater way

  • You have realised that the old way of working truly doesn’t align with who you are and the life that you desire

And you are ready to...

  • Solidify the foundations in your business to feel your business is working for you rather than working against you

  • Feel empowered in your business knowing you have a replicable process for attracting and retaining clients within your business

  • Build your business into what you know it can become

  • Create the mental spaciousness to allow your creativity to flow in a way that feels easeful and effortless

  • Finally move past the limitations that are keeping you stuck and step into your potential

  • Start living life on your terms to create the freedom, flexibility and fulfilment you deeply desire

Because here's the thing 👇

I know you are here to serve. To create an impact. To build your business into more than you could imagine.

Because this isn't just about the work. It's an expression of who you are.

And you are ready to create the impact you know you can make. Serving the clients that you know you can support.

And you are ready to make it happen.

Over 3 months in the Mothermind I will support you to:

  • Solidify your offer(s) to create a compelling product suite that connects with where your ideal clients are right now

  • Simplify your business strategy to ensure your business is working FOR you and your family

  • Build your confidence, align your mindset and expand your visibility to reach your ideal clients

  • Create a replicable sales process that allows you to feel empowered in attracting clients

So that you can attract and retain clients to be able to build a profitable and sustainable business that serves you AND your family. 

Because right now where your business is and where you want it to be, there's a gap. Part of your business that isn't operating effectively and this three months is to support you to bridge the gap so that not only are you attracting your dream clients, you are reaching your goals and creating the business that feels deeply activated and aligned 🔥

This is not for you:

  • If you are looking for overnight success (there is plenty of marketing in the online space promising you the $20k in 6 weeks or $100k in 6 months success story) and I know this level of pressure is only going to hold you back from the long-term sustainability

  • If you are looking to hustle your way to success

This is for you if you are ready to build the foundations in your business (in a way that feels incredible) so that you can build a sustainable business to attract consistent clients and grow in a way that serves you. Taking the intentional and impactful action so that your business grows with you so that you don't look back and feel you had to sacrifice your way to success.

I value life AND being in the experience of life and this is for you if you are looking to build your future WHILST loving and living every moment right now.


Emelia, Motherbear Postpartum

Investing in my business with Kristin’s support has helped me and my business greatly. Kristin has seen me get my first client and continue to grow and scale my business in a way that suits me and my family. My mindset has been a big factor for me being a small business owner.

Kristin’s helped me to face the fears and stories I was telling myself but also questioning the self doubt that I was having.

In an amazing way she always has me seeing things so much clearer and easier then I make them out to be. Her empowerment around my mindset and growth struggles has been such a huge step in what I want to do in my business.

The most beautiful thing is that Kristin is a mother and business owner herself. She understands my personal and  business life which helps her to support me even better. I highly recommend Kristin to any mother in business, she will be the support you need in your business.


Amanda, Feeding Friend

Working with Kristin for only a short period of time has changed my life. Kristin helped me realign my mindset which helps me enjoy a mentally healthy lifestyle raising my three beautiful children who have Autism, while running a global business.

Before Kristin's invaluable guidance, I felt the pressure of marriage, business and borderline depression.


I can’t thank you enough for changing my world.

This is for you if:

  • You are here to share your gifts (e.g. coaches, doulas, postpartum professionals, creatives, writers, community builders, photographers, service providers, fitness and wellness professionals, educators)

  • You are a go-getter and you are ready to start taking action in building your business

  • You are ready for a rock-solid mindset and beliefs that support you in achieving your big goals

  • You are ready to stop dreaming about living your dream life and ready to start making it happen

  • You know you are capable of more and ready to stop playing small

What if...

  • Your vision was guiding you towards the freedom, flexibility and fulfilment you so deeply desired?

What if...

  • You could truly believe that the vision you have on your heart is POSSIBLE and MEANT FOR YOU?

What if...

  • You had the foundations established in your business and a clear strategy to breathe life into the vision you have been gifted?

What if...

  • You could remain grounded in your unique vision despite what others are doing?

What if...

  • You could wake up each day feeling aligned in ALL areas of your life?

Most importantly, you could feel truly empowered in your business because you KNOW how to attract clients and grow your business.

What's included:

✔️ 1 x 60min group goal/intention setting workshop (via Zoom)​

✔️ 8 x 60min group coaching calls (via Zoom)


✔️ 6 x pre-recorded modules covering everything including business foundations, attracting your ideal client, packaging/pricing your offer and sales/marketing strategy


✔️ Unlimited group WhatsApp support for all things business model, strategy, mindset, celebrations, grounding into your gifts and ongoing accountability

Here's what we cover...


Module one: Business Foundations

To have your business operating as a well-oiled machine we need to know WHAT we are building! CLARIFY the impact you are here to create and implement a business model and clear goals that are going to support you to get there.


Module two: Next level mindset and identity

It’s time to step into your next level identity and create the mindset shifts to set you up for your success. Positioning yourself within your industry and building your confidence in yourself and the way you are here to serve.


Module three: Creating an impact

Get crystal clear on WHO you are here to serve, craft your offer(s) to connect with exactly where your client is right now and create a client journey that takes your client from seeing a post on social media to a paid package with ease.


Module four: A Platform for Purpose

Build a SIMPLIFIED marketing strategy that increases visibility and builds genuine connections with your potential clients. Implement a client attraction process that leverages social media to reach your ideal clients and positions you as the expert within your field.  


Module five: Messaging Mastery

Refine your messaging to not just capture attention but move potential clients into your paid offerings so that your messaging attracts, nurtures and converts your ideal clients (the crucial link between your marketing and sales processes).


Module six: Selling to Serve

Create a REPLICABLE sales process where you feel empowered in booking clients consistently! No more crossing your fingers hoping a post turns into a client, it’s time to implement a sales process that feels aligned with YOU to attract your dreamy clients. 

Your investment:

There are two payment options (1 upfront payment or 3 monthly payments):

One time upfront payment of $1,429

or three monthly payments of $480


Meet your coach - Kristin Laffrey

Hello beautiful, I am your Mindset and Business Coach. 


I am a Mother and business owner, just like you. I am a visionary. I have always had big dreams and always felt like I was here to contribute in a bigger way.

After spending almost 10 years working with senior management - including COOs, General Managers, Executives and Vice Presidents - for some of Australia's largest ASX listed organisations, I know first hand the importance of having clarity and strategy within your business.

I hold a Bachelor of Business, post-graduate diploma of Chartered Accounting and am a certified mindset coach (in the modalities of NeuroLinguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy) making me the best support to establish the foundations in your business AND overcome the mindset blocks and beliefs that will hold you back from getting there.

After transitioning into the business space supporting Mums in business over the past two years the key thing I see is a lack of clarity and strategy in businesses. This is one of the KEY reasons I see Mums burning out in their business without building a profitable and sustainable business that serves them to show up for them and their family.

Because here's the thing. Like you, I started this business whilst finding my place in Motherhood. I was looking for greater freedom and flexibility in my work. I was desiring more impact in what I was here to do.

The reason I desire so much for you to create the impact and income you so deeply desire is because I've seen what's on the other side.


The ease, fulfilment, balance and abundance I ultimately desired for myself was waiting for me. The flexibility to work the hours I desire. The freedom to live a life that feels energising and exciting.

And the best part is being able to work with the most incredible clients I once only dreamt of.

Now I am here to guide and support you as you unlock your full potential to truly embody the vision that you have on your heart because I truly believe your vision has been gifted to you as your pathway to getting to where you desire to be.

So beautiful, are you still trying to decide if this is for you?

  • Do you know you are here for bigger things - a life of impact and more meaning?

  • Do you know you are capable of more and know you have been playing it small to feel safe?

  • Do you know you are here to create an impact and just don't know the path to getting there?

  • Are you grounded in what it is you are here to do and know that support is your next step to getting there?

  • Are you ready to feel supported, guided and activated in the journey?

As scary as this first step may be, trust that you are here for a reason. Trust that you are being guided towards the life that you desire.

If you know you are here for more and you are ready to make it happen, the Mothermind is your guidance to getting there. 

So beautiful lady, are you ready to take the leap?

Book a call to find out whether this is the right fit for you and your business x

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