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Kristin Laffrey is an award-winning International Educator and Consultant for businesses leading change in fertility, birth, postpartum and motherhood.


Founder of the Mothermind Business Academy and the Booked Out Doula.


As a Chartered Accountant Kristin has spent 10+ years in senior finance, analytics and strategy roles for some of Australia’s largest organisations, supporting senior management to set clear business goals, clarify the strategic direction of the business and implement clear strategies to support them in achieving their goals. 


After connecting and networking with women in business, a key gap Kristin recognised in their businesses, and the key driver as to why over 60% of businesses close within the first 3 years, was a lack of foundations and strategies within their business.


In 2019, after 10+ years of supporting large organisations and sitting on not-for-profit boards, Kristin started educating and consulting women in business to support them in laying the foundations in their business to not just start their business but succeed in their business. 


Since 2019 Kristin has specialised in supporting businesses leading change in fertility, birth, postpartum and motherhood. Having supported fertility coaches, doulas, private midwives, lactation consultants, sleep consultants, maternal therapists, behavioural specialists and parenting coaches, Kristin brings a depth of industry knowledge combined with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and professional accreditation as a Chartered Accountant (consulting and advisory) to support businesses to turn their vision for impact into a profitable and sustainable business.

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