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Are you ready to step into your full potential and start living a life that feels deeply activating?


It's time to stop holding yourself back and playing small.

It's time to start creating and living the life you are here to live.

You are ambitious. You hold big dreams. 


And there’s a whisper right now saying “I’m ready for more…”


More growth, more expansion, more clarity, more fulfilment.


A knowing that you have been playing it small for too long. You have been attending to everyone else and in the process have become disconnected from those dreams and desires that you know are calling you.


You are ready to start creating your life.

  • Ready to unlock more of who you are and the life you know you are here to create

  • Ready to step out of the day-to-day and start confidently and consciously showing up for yourself and your dreams

  • Ready to start prioritising your own growth, start taking intentional action and making decisions to live with more fulfilment and purpose

  • Ready to overcome the guilt, doubt, fear and insecurities to step into the beautiful life you know is waiting for you

You are ready to wake up each day feeling deeply activated by your life knowing you are expanding into the version of yourself you are here to come.

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Because you know you are here for MORE.


✨ You have a pull on your heart guiding you towards something bigger. A vision that sets your soul on fire. A vision for not just what it is you can create but a vision for the version of yourself you know you can become and the life you desire to live.


✨ The career you desire to create, the business you desire to build, the lifestyle you desire to live, the connection you came here to form, the podcast you are ready to bring to life, the community you are ready to build, the change you know you are here to make... that is the vision that lights you up. 


✨ Instead of playing small, you know it's time to fully own your potential and start creating a life that lights you up, one where people gets to see fully owning your potential.


But right now that feels a little far from possible...


​You hold the vision for what your life can become but the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be feels like a big leap. So you keep questioning yourself...

  • "That would never be possible for me"

  • "I'm not smart enough"

  • "It's different for me"

  • "I don't fit in"

  • "Who am I to do this?"

And as much as you have these moments where you are ready to create change... you end up back in the same patterning, back to contracting, back to playing small.


You are ready to connect to the life you are here to live, your own personal journey of success, and break through the limitations holding you back from getting there.


The challenge is...


Where do you even start to make it happen?


Let me introduce you to...

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A 4 month journey of personal growth and expansion for the woman ready to unlock her potential and take her life to the next level.

Recreate Your Life is for you if:

  • You have been in the same cycles, stagnant in your life for far too long

  • You take one step forward, feel the expansion, but then contract and end up back in the same cycle of feeling stuck and restless

  • You always second-guess yourself, compare yourself to others and never truly back yourself or your ideas

  • You know that you have more potential but imposter syndrome always hold you back from putting yourself out there and taking opportunities 

  • You know you have big decisions to make to move you closer to your big dreams but there's always a reason why now isn't the time to make them

But you are ready to...

✔️ Change the habits and beliefs keeping you caught in the same cycle of self-sabotage


✔️ Connect deeper to who it is you are here to be and start feeling activated and inspired by your life again

✔️ Start truly believing in yourself and the potential you hold

✔️ Stop holding yourself back and actually create the changes required to open your life up to a greater path of fulfilment and success

To start living into your full potential and create the life you know you are here to live.

Because here's the thing 👇

Right now you aren’t living into your full potential. 


You have been playing it small, shying away from the big decisions and aligned action that you KNOW you need to make to create the life you are here to live.


But deep down there’s a part of you that knows there’s something powerful waiting for you, dreams you are here to live, creations you are here to bring to life, a deeper sense of fulfilment you are here to experience.


But to get something you’ve never had, you have to become someone you’ve never been.


This journey is about unlocking that version of yourself.

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Over this 4 month journey I will support you to:

💫 Connect to the vision for your life and who you are here to become.

💫 Release the beliefs keeping you stuck to create patterning that aligns with who you are becoming.

💫 Step out of your comfort zone and take aligned action to support you in making that a reality.

Because it's time to start breaking through your own internal barriers to turn your vision into a reality. 

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This is for you if:

  • You are a go-getter and you are ready to start taking action in building your life

  • You feel called to step into the woman you know you have the potential to be

  • You are ready for a rock-solid mindset and beliefs that support you in achieving your big goals

  • You are ready to stop dreaming about living your dream life and ready to start making it happen

  • You know you are capable of more and ready to stop playing small

What if...

  • Your vision was guiding you towards the freedom, flexibility and fulfilment you so deeply desired?

What if...

  • You could shift your beliefs to truly believe that the vision you have on your heart is POSSIBLE and MEANT FOR YOU?

What if...

  • You had the understanding to be able to apply concepts and principles for personal potential and success?

What if...

  • You could remain grounded in your unique vision despite what others are doing?

What if...

  • You could wake up each day knowing that you were creating the life you knew you were here to live?

Most importantly, you could feel truly activated by your life and capable of achieving all it is you desire.

What's included:

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✔️ 3 x 60min group coaching calls per month (via Zoom)

✔️ An online portal with a guided workbook stepping you through your journey of massive internal reflection and expansion


✔️ Group WhatsApp support for the most magnetic group energy to keep you supported and accountable during your journey for four whole months

Your investment:

4 monthly payments of $440 per month

Option to upgrade to include 1:1 support:

Looking for the full benefit of accessing ALL of the Recreate Your Life resources including the full resource portal, group coaching calls, group WhatsApp chat BUT also looking for that 1:1 support to go deeper into personalised support with myself on your journey. 

The Premium experience includes:

ALL Recreate Your Life access (valued $440/month)

PLUS a monthly 1:1 60min coaching call for the duration of Recreate Your Life (valued $379/month)

PLUS unlimited 1:1 WhatsApp support for the full 4 months (valued $333/month)

4 monthly payments of $650.


Ready for the full premium experience? 🔥

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Meet your coach - Kristin Laffrey

Hello beautiful, I am your Coach and Mentor. 


Just like you, I am a visionary. I have always had big dreams and always felt like I was here to contribute in a bigger way.

After spending 10 years building my corporate career and focusing on my career progression I realised there was more to life than working long hours, taking on stress and working in a higher pressure environment... so I made some big changes to my life.

3 years ago I started dreaming about what my dream life could look like. 


Who it is I wanted to be and connecting to what really needed to shift to support me to get there.


Letting go of my corporate career, embracing motherhood, putting myself in the room with women that lift me, investing in mentors that have supported me to get here, not shying away from doing the work to make it happen.

But this journey was more than that. It was connecting to the bigger vision I held for my life for the first time ever and aligning my mindset to support me in making that happen.

Now I am here to guide and support you as you unlock your full potential to truly embody the vision that you have on your heart because I truly believe your vision has been gifted to you as your pathway to getting to where you desire to be.

So beautiful, are you still trying to decide if this is for you?

  • Do you know you are here for bigger things - a life of more potential, personal growth and more fulfilment?

  • Do you know you are capable of more and know you have been playing it small to feel safe?

  • Are you ready to stop holding yourself back and embrace a journey of personal growth to truly own the life you are here to live?

  • Are you ready to feel supported, guided and activated in the journey?

As scary as this first step may be, trust that you are here for a reason. Trust that you are being guided towards the life that you desire.

If you know you are here for more and you are ready to make it happen, Recreate Your Life is your guidance to creating the shifts to make it happen. 

Ready to take the leap?

Join Recreate Your Life with option to upgrade to the Premium Experience:

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