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What to do when you aren’t seeing results in your business

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

By Kristin Laffrey, business coach for women leading impact in fertility, birth, postpartum, motherhood, parenting and matrescence.

I want to give you some insight into the ways I see businesses struggling to create results and gain momentum.

But before diving into the reasons WHY I see businesses not creating the impact and income they desire I want to firstly connect to what it is you are here to create.

If you have been in my space for a while, you will know I am a huge advocate for getting clear on WHERE it is you are going.

Because “we all end up somewhere but we don’t all end up somewhere on purpose” and in building your business it’s so important to get clear on where that ‘somewhere’ is that you are going.

When women get REALLY clear on their goals and what they are looking to create in their business but struggle to move towards it, there are three key places I see their businesses stuck ⤵️

  1. Not knowing what to do in their business to get results

  2. Knowing what to do BUT not taking the action

  3. Taking the action AND not getting results

Which really comes down to either getting clear on what actions you need to take to move your business forward, overcoming your own resistance (doubt, fear, overwhelm) to take the action or refining and mastering the action you are taking to ensure it’s effective within your business.

The MOST valuable thing you can do for yourself and your business is understand exactly what it is that is holding you back right now so that you can implement a solution that is going to move you through it.

Because this is how you grow… overcoming the challenges that are keeping you where you are right now.

One of the greatest realisations I’ve had in business is that my results are the outcome of three key things:

  1. The foundations I have established within my business (the packaging, positioning and pricing of my offers)

  2. The strategies I am executing (the marketing strategy and sales process I am executing to attract and book clients)

  3. Who I am in showing up for that (my beliefs, commitment and persistence in executing and mastering the strategies)

So right now if you aren’t getting the results you desire, get really clear on what EXACTLY is holding you back right now and what is the solution you need to implement to move through it.

Because you are here to create an impact.

You are here to serve clients and the most important thing right now is setting your business up so that you can serve them in a way that works for you and then attracting the clients you are here to support so that you can gain momentum and build your business.

If right now you are feeling stagnant and you aren't seeing results within your business:

Jump over to episode 101 of the podcast, Visionary Mother, where I break down these exact three challenges I see in business to understand how you can move through them in your business.

It's time to get really clear on where it is you want your business to be, what is holding you back from getting there and how to overcome the challenges to make it happen.


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