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Turning Your Content into Doula Clients: the missing piece in your marketing

By Kristin Laffrey, business coach for women leading impact in fertility, birth, postpartum, motherhood, parenting and matrescence.

Turning your content into doula clients: The missing piece in your marketing that’s stopping you from turning followers into clients

One of the biggest beliefs I see that shows up for many doulas when they aren’t booking clients within their business is the belief that “I need to give more”.

A belief they hold that giving more and more is the solution to ensuring their ideal client sees their value. Posting more content, researching more information, giving more free value, proving themselves through more and more research-based information and pregnancy, birth and postpartum tips.

In this post I will outline why giving value is important but why it may not be the missing piece right now within your business that’s holding you back from booking clients.

Giving value is an essential part of your marketing and messaging because it builds credibility and trust with your audience and this is important for two reasons:

  1. Your ideal clients are trying to determine whether they trust you (whether you are aligned with them personally)

  2. Your ideal clients are trying to determine whether they trust you to deliver the result they desire (are you qualified or experienced to be able to support them?)

So positioning yourself as the go-to person is clearly an essential part of your marketing but it’s not the only component to marketing. 

In episode 106 of the podcast I break down the three types of content essential to creating a steady flow of clients. 

Because your marketing needs to connect with your audience, nurture your audience to build trust and credibility AND convert your audience into becoming clients. 

And here is why messaging goes deeper than just giving more free value. Your potential clients are humans and when making the decision to work with you, they are going to come up against their own internal fears and worries.

Because yes they may trust you but there’s more that can impact their decision to work with you. And as easy as it is to think they don’t want to work with you, most of the time I don’t see that to be the case. 

For my clients working in the space of fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, sleep, lactation, matrescence, parenting and motherhood support, this is something we specifically focus on because there are many fears and worries coming up for their clients and these are essential to be acknowledging and addressing within your marketing. 

What do these internal fears, worries and concerns in regards to investing in support look like?

As a birth/postpartum doula, here are some examples of questions your ideal client may be asking themselves right now:

  • Will hiring a doula take away from the role my partner plays in birth and those early days?

  • What if I feel uncomfortable having someone there during my birth or those vulnerable weeks as a new mum?

  • What will my family think of me and my decision to bring in external support?

  • Does it mean I’m failing as a mother if I get support?

Understanding these fears and worries are essential because it’s important to recognise that your ideal client may need support and deeply desire support BUT the decision still feels big. Knowing what objections to speak to, how to address them and when to address them within your messaging creates safety for your ideal client in making the decision to work with you.

This is why your messaging within your content is so important because your marketing isn’t just about giving value, it’s about understanding how your ideal client is feeling and meeting them where they are at in the process.

Jump over to episode 106 of Visionary Mother where I share:

  1. The important elements of an effective content strategy 

  2. Why it’s essential to connect to the purpose and intention behind your messaging

  3. The two key elements in nurturing your ideal clients

  4. What might be holding you back from converting clients right now

If you know you need to refine your messaging and create a clear marketing strategy for attracting your ideal clients, book a free call to find out how I can support you. 

So that you can focus on building out your strategies for attracting more dream clients and feeling empowered in growing your business for more profitable and sustainable impact.


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