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Shifting from KNOWLEDGE to IMPLEMENTATION (to grow your business)

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Here is a really powerful mindset shift in business... the shift FROM believing that business is about knowledge or knowing it all TO believing that business is actually about implementation to succeed.

If you are someone who likes to complete more courses, do more qualifications, always wanting to learn more but you aren’t getting to the point of implementing, refining and mastering what you learn within your business, then this is for you.

One of the greatest challenges I see from so many women in business is that they don't know how to implement strategies within their business. Because it's not about knowing strategies to grow your business, it's about applying them to your business to get results.

It's why I see so many women completing qualification after qualification yet not ever truly using those qualifications to create results within their business.

Because to be able to create more impact and income within your business you don’t just need to hold knowledge, you need to be implementing, refining and mastering fundamental business principles so that they are operating effectively within your business.

So here are FIVE steps to shifting from "knowing" to "implementing" within your business:

  1. Get really clear on where it is you desire to be (the results, outcomes, goals you hold within your business).

  2. Create a clear action plan with intentional action that will support you to get there

  3. Break down these steps into essential processes, projects and tasks that your business requires to make it happen.

  4. Implement these processes, strategies, projects and tasks within your business.

  5. Refine AND master them until they are effective in creating your results.

For example, so many of my clients desire to be working WITH dream clients. So the shift here is from needing more knowledge and qualifications TO attracting, booking and serving clients.

This is where we focus on building out an Audience Growth Strategy (to attract more ideal clients), a content marketing strategy (to establish trust and credibility with potential clients), a simplified sales process (for their ideal clients to feel safe in making the decisions to book, pay and work with them) and clear messaging to support potential clients in moving through the decision-making process to move into a paid package.

Because these strategies aren't just about KNOWING how they work, they are about implementing, refining and mastering within your business so that you are attracting more clients and maximising the impact AND income you are here to create.

So right now if you aren't attracting a steady flow of clients however you know you are here to serve people, start with building out the foundations and strategies within your business to attract clients and grow your business.

Jump over to YouTube for a full break down of how to create this shift within your own business:


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