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Reaching people but not booking them? This may be why

By Kristin Laffrey, business coach for women leading impact in fertility, birth, postpartum, motherhood, parenting and matrescence.

Can't seem to book client? This may be why

We are now week 5 into the Mothermind Business Academy and I want to share a huge shift I have seen the women creating within their businesses, particularly around moving clients from their DMs either into a free call or directly into their consults/packages.

A very common struggle I see my clients facing is that they receive DMs asking questions for advice and it has become so easy for them to fall into the trap of giving out free advice hoping their potential client may see their value and book their paid support. Which never ends up being the outcome.

For so many women I see, this becomes one of the greatest blocks within their business because they are reaching people, connecting with them but then not knowing how to confidently move them into their packages to be able to support them through their services.

And it leads to a block in their sales process which prevents them from booking clients.

This is why we have been building out a sales process for the women in the Mothermind to allow them to feel confident in this conversion piece because for many women this becomes the game-changer for their business.

When you can confidently and consistently get clients AND refine your services to deliver an exceptional level of support, your business becomes unstoppable. 

BUT it takes firstly recognising when this conversion isn't happening and laser-focusing on implementing and refining strategies to create this shift because this is what will ultimately allow you to not only fill 1:1 support packages but also group programs and online courses, when you have a confident process for converting clients.

Within the Mothermind this week, I shared a belief I hold around free advice that I want to share with you too.

The reason I encourage my clients not to solve their potential client’s problems in DMs or free calls, actually has less to do with knowing your value or charging your worth and more to do with protecting your potential clients.

Because here’s the reality for so many of the businesses I support ⤵️

They need to understand the situation and their potential clients BEFORE offering personalised advice.

And not only could giving quick advice in a DM or free call not support them if you don’t fully understand their situation but it could also be harmful to them if you haven’t thoroughly considered their situation. 

Does every conversation need to be directed to a paid consult or session? Absolutely not. If you could answer a question with general information then I personally don’t believe you need to book them as a client just so they can pay for that knowledge but if you need to understand their situation deeper to understand where they are and provide personalised support, you should absolutely be directing them to how you can do that within your paid offer. 

So don’t be afraid to communicate that to your potential clients. Don’t be afraid to tell them that you need to better understand their situation to get to the bottom of what personalised support they require to ensure you can effectively support them. 

Because I truly believe not only is this supporting you but it’s supporting your potential clients to get the level of support they require to get to the solution and outcome they ultimately desire.

I hope this belief serves you in how you show up within your DMs and free calls to know that you aren't meant to solve all of your potential client challenges for free.

Right now if you have people within your audience that you know you can support yet can't seem to book free calls or move them into your packages, focus on building out your sales process so that you can confidently convert more clients and I can assure you, this will be a game-changer for your business. 

If you need support in doing so, make sure you jump on the waitlist for the next round of the Mothermind, so that we can focus on building out your marketing strategy and sales process for growing your business.


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