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Maximise the return on your time to get the most out of your business

By Kristin Laffrey, business coach for women leading impact in fertility, birth, postpartum, motherhood, parenting and matrescence.

Working smarter rather than harder - maximising the return on your time

How do you maximise your return on your time to get the most out of the time you spend building your business?

When I started my business this was my key focus, how do I get the most out of the time I am putting into building my business?

Starting my business with a 6 month old whilst 9 weeks pregnant with my son, my core focus became laser-focusing on the things that mattered within my business to ensure I was moving my business forward, attracting clients and creating sales within my business WITHOUT doing all the things.

This is a key focus of how I support my clients because the clients that come to me have minimal time within their business, either raising a family alongside their work or working a part-time job whilst building their business. It's also not rare to have clients raising their family, working a part-time job and growing their business.

But the truth is, this is a different perspective to what most business owners take. They don’t see how valuable every day is in their business and therefore aren’t assessing whether the actions they are taking in their business are most impactful for moving them forward.

So how do you maximise your return on your time?

This is what it comes down to:

  1. Having a solid foundation in place for your business: Your packaging and pricing needed to be effective. If you don’t have a business model that is profitable and offer(s) that your ideal clients are wanting to buy, it is going to be really hard to market and sell.

  2. Aligning your mindset: One of the biggest things to realise in business is that your biggest block in reaching your goals will be YOU and for that reason a key focus is continuing to shift the beliefs and work through the fear, self-doubt and resistance that makes business feel hard so that you aren't holding yourself back from gaining momentum.

  3. Having simple and clearly defined strategies to execute: I can’t emphasise enough the importance of taking the time upfront in your business to know what actions move your business forward AND focusing on refining these until you are confident in them. Your marketing strategy and sales process are crucial to growing your business because taking actions that are actually going to get clients and move your business forward is KEY to getting a return on your time.

So are you using your time effectively?

Whether you are starting your business and want to ensure you are building your business with intentionality to get the most from it or if you are further along within your business and realising that you want to create more simplicity within your business, this is important to connect with.

The less time you spend doing things within your business that don't create results and more time simplifying the strategies and processes within your business that are able to be replicated, the more capacity you have to serve more clients and create more impact and income within your business.

If right now you are crossing your fingers hoping that what you are doing is effective, I highly recommend coming back to this…

Solidifying your foundations, aligning your mindset and simplifying your strategies so that the time you are putting into your business NOW is giving you the GREATEST return for the future!


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