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Hello beautiful,

Welcome to my three month private coaching:

A transformative experience of reconnecting to YOURSELF and YOUR purpose, outside of being a Mum. 


Because you are a Mum… but not just a Mum. 

There’s more to you… more OF you – and you are ready to connect with all of who you are.

This journey is about YOU… the woman behind the Mum. This journey is about reconnecting with that woman to start feeling more like yourself. To feel aligned. To feel expansive. To feel uplifted and energised.


But right now that probably feels far from possible because…

  • You feel like you’ve lost a piece of yourself in Motherhood

  • After taking care of everyone else you feel you have nothing left to give to yourself

  • You feel drained, overwhelmed, exhausted and lost

  • You feel like you are a different person but you don’t quite know who she is yet


And the worst part is that you look around at every other Mum wondering if you are the only one that feels like this.

I understand your struggle…

You love being a Mum but you are craving your own identity and purpose outside of raising your family.


I understand you because I was you.

Hi there, I'm Kristin. A Mum of two myself.

In 2019 I experienced a Mum-life crisis and left my 10 years in Accounting and Finance to ‘find myself’.

After feeling stuck, lost and confused I started my own journey to rediscover myself and my direction in life.

Who was I outside of being a Mum? What did my life look like now? The amount of questions that would run through my mind and regardless of how different the questions were the answer was always the same… ‘I just don’t know’.

Through mindset work I realised that I already had ALL the answers within me.. it wasn’t so much the answers I needed to find it was everything getting in the way of seeing them that I needed to learn to break through…

👉🏼 the fear of failure if I did something new

👉🏼 the fear of judgment if others saw me in a different light

👉🏼 the self-doubt that maybe I wasn’t capable

👉🏼 the belief that I should have my life sorted by now 

👉🏼 the guilt for wanting purpose outside of raising my family

👉🏼 the truth that it was going to get messy before it could truly be amazing

I thought the best option was to return to a job that no longer set my soul on fire because it felt easy. But instead I took a step back and decided it was time to reconnect with WHO I was. To acknowledge the huge shift I had undergone and realign with who I wanted to be before making any decisions about what was next in my life.

This is when I came to realise that a job wasn’t going to connect me to myself again. 

Doing the things I did before I became a Mum wasn’t the solution.

It was about embarking on a journey to understand MYSELF first. To connect with myself and then open myself up to the vision that I had for my life and what was next.

What if?

  • You could feel like yourself again to actually feel like you are thriving in Motherhood?

  • You woke up each day feeling like you were living as the person you were here to be?

  • You could truly feel like the best Mother, wife, friend, daughter, worker, businessowner and not feel like you can only be one or the other?

  • Life truly felt inspiring, exciting, free, energising and fun?


Mostly importantly, you felt truly like YOU again?

Are you ready to start feeling like yourself again to feel like you are thriving in life, not just as a Mum, but as the woman behind the Mum?

Private coaching is for you if…

💫 You are ready to eliminate the unconscious beliefs, thoughts, habits and emotions that are keeping you stuck.

💫 You are ready to create a life where you feel like you are THRIVING rather than hanging on by a thread.

💫 You are ready to be the Mother, wife, woman you desire to be.

💫 You are ready to feel HEARD by someone who GETS IT, someone who has walked this path and is ready to support you on your journey.

Throughout this journey I take you on a transformative experience of reconnecting to YOURSELF and YOUR purpose on a deeper level than the roles you play. To feel connected to who you are outside of just being a Mum. To feel deeply grounded in your values, your desires, your aspirations, your dreams. To anchor in self-trust and self-worth. To feel like life is yours again to create.

Throughout this three month journey you will...

  • Connect to yourself on a deeper level than you ever have before.

  • Shift the limiting beliefs you hold around Motherhood.

  • Work through the fear, self-doubt and guilt holding you back from fully experiencing life.

  • Release the need to live up to the expectations of others and pressure of society.

  • Let go of the woman you were before becoming a Mum to step into the woman you are becoming.

  • No longer feel like you are failing in all areas of your life.


So that you can…

Embrace ALL of who you are (not just the Mum but the fun, adventurous, creative, spontaneous, goofy, ambitious woman too).

I am ready to show you that you can be a Mum AND the woman you desire to be.

How do we get there?

Through 1:1 coaching our work together will focus on my 3 pillar framework: IDENTITY, MINDSET and MINDFULNESS.

IDENTITY: Getting clear on WHO YOU ARE. What elements of your identity have changed since becoming a Mum and what does this look like for the future you want to create.

MINDSET: Getting clear on WHAT YOU BELIEVE. Breaking through the negative thoughts, beliefs and expectations that don’t serve you and rewriting new beliefs that enable you to create a balanced life that brings you joy and fulfilment.

MINDFULNESS: Getting clear on HOW YOU SHOW UP. Creating and implementing clear strategies, techniques and tools that allow you to be productive and efficient yet slow and present as required in different areas of your life.

What’s included in the transformation journey?

  • 1x 60min 1:1 clarity session: Deep dive via video call to gain clarity around areas of focus for coaching sessions

  • 6x 60min 1:1 coaching sessions: Delivered fortnightly via video call with flexible times to work around your family schedule

  • Unlimited support: Access to me via email/messenger for ongoing support between sessions

Your investment:

For your full three months of unlimited support and 1:1 coaching calls you have two payment options available:

One upfront payment of $1,479


Three payments of $500 made monthly

So who am I (outside the Mum)?

I’m Kristin. Not just a Mum but also a wife, friend, businesswoman and your soon-to-be coach.

I support Mums, just like you, to reconnect with the woman underneath the roles she plays because I know how invigorating life becomes when you free yourself of trying to be who you believe you ‘should be’ or who you believe others expect you to be. I know how consuming Motherhood can be and I also know how easy it is to lose yourself in the everyday of giving and giving to everyone else without giving back to yourself.

As a mindset and mindfulness coach, certified in the modalities of NLP and time line therapy, I support my clients to reconnect to who they are and what their purpose is to feel empowered in Motherhood.


Being a Mother is not your limitation, it may feel like it is at times but I want to support you to see the potential for you and your life which isn’t then followed by ‘only if I wasn’t a Mum’.

I am so passionate about the work I do because I know what it’s like to be where you are and I know how possible it is for you to create the change you deeply desire for yourself. To feel energised, lit up and in love with the person you show up as ✨

Trying to decide if this is for you?

  • Do you keep telling yourself that you’ll try something different and end up in the same place a week or two later?

  • Are you constantly searching for the answers, the solutions and never seem to find what you are looking for?

  • Do you know that deep down there’s more to you... more that the world needs to see?

  • Are you done with constantly doubting yourself, questioning yourself and ready to truly see how capable and worthy you are?

I see you are still here… 👀

You are either trying to find where to contact me (I’ve added the button right below - just for you! 😁)


You are feeling called to this program but the decision feels REALLY scary 😭

If it’s the later, I encourage you to trust yourself. As your coach, this is the only step you have to take alone. From this point onwards I will be here supporting, guiding and walking beside you on the journey.