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I am Kristin Laffrey. A mindset and business coach here to guide women to the life they know they are capable of living.


I am on a mission to support the visionary women that are ready to turn their vision for impact into a profitable and sustainable business that allows them to create impact AND income in a way that serves them now and for their future.

Whether you are at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey and looking to master the foundations in your business or here to unlock new layers of your potential as you grow your business, I know our paths were destined to cross.

I am here to show you how CLARITY, MINDSET and STRATEGY can take that vision you hold in your mind and bring it to life as a business that truly serves you in living a life on your terms.

As a Mum running my business alongside raising my family I am here to be the evidence that you truly can have it all. The family, relationship and business that activates your soul on the deepest level possible 🔥

So to the woman ready for it all... welcome. You are exactly where you are meant to be.


I am Kristin Laffrey, a mindset and business coach supporting visionary women, just like you, to create an impact and income so that you can build a sustainable and profitable business that gives you the flexibility, freedom and fulfilment you deeply desire.


To feel deeply activated and aligned in both your life and your business.



A three month business academy for the woman ready to step into her next level impact and income. 

This academy is for you if you are ready to up-level in your business to monetise your gifts and build a business that allows you the flexibility, freedom and fulfilment you deeply desire.

Whilst being surrounded by the most incredible community of like-minded ambitious women.

Waitlist available for Jan/Feb 2024 start.

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The Visionary Mother is a podcast for the Mother who sees her business and life for what it can become and is ready to make it happen.

If you are here to monetise your gifts and turn your vision for an impact into a profitable and sustainable business, this podcast is for you.

As a business and mindset coach, I support my clients to solidify their foundations, align their mindset and simplify their strategy to build a business that feels truly activating and aligned.

Join me in these weekly episodes as I give you insights into building your own business to create the impact you know you are here to create.

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